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Inle Lake is a line solution lake with mountain ranges at the east and western sites. This hiking and mountaineering trip will be the eastern ranges on locally known as YanAung ranges. We start from GIC to the east bank, by boat about 10 minutes. From lake bank to the foot of the mountain, it will be a steady walk for about 2 ½ hours. You will be able to see villages of Inthar, Pa O as well as their typical culture concerning with their daily life. You will have the chance to meet, to observe and to communicate with locals.

From the foot of the mountain to its summit, it will take about 1 ½ hours of climbing with winding path. The weather will get cooler and breeze from the mountain will refresh you. This mountain is the highest of that region (over 5000 feet) and there is a Pa O village called Htee Ne located at the top of that mountain.

From that point, you can see the whole of Nyaungshwe valley including Inle Lake. To the east, the view will be panoramic, the whole of Hopone and Naungmoon valley will under your feet. Walk down from Htee Ne to the other side of the mountain and you will see a big Pa O village called Naung Khe' which produces a handicraft of Pa O long neck drum and also the art of weaving Pa O bag. A car will meet you at that village and proceed on to Kakku pagoda and stupa complex.


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