Outdoor Lunch

On request special arrangements for picnics in bamboo forests or on farms can be made for groups starting from 4 persons to up to 50 persons.

Conducted Trekking Trip

Inle Lake is a lime solution lake with mountain ranges at the east and western sides. Hiking and trekkingdaytrips can be organized by the hotel.

These trips provide a good opportunity to get to know the nature around the lake and to enjoy some of the most scenic places in the area. The trips will pass through villages of the Intha, Pa-O, or Shan ethnic groups where traditional lifestyles can be experienced. Usually lunch stops will be arranged in local homes in one of the villages on the way.

Conducted Tours

Conducted daytrips to places like Kakku, Menaldaung, Pindaya, Kalaw,Samkarcan be organized by the hotel.

These trips can take you up to 60 miles (100 km) around the Inle area and its surroundings.

Example Tour – Samkar Daytrip

Samkar, former old city, is where the famous Thar Khaung pagoda is located. Its designs and forms belong to theInnwa, Nyaungyan and Konebaung periods. Most of the shrines and Buddha stupas are still in good original condition. Remaining ancient artwork can also be observed. Some structures date back to up to 500 years ago.

Traditional Boat Racing

The traditional Boat Race could be observed under the management of Golden Island Cottages Hotel Group at the request of your clients all the year round. It still stands as the most attractive events in the country and even at overseas. If a team wins this boat race it becomes the champion of the world because there in no such boat race with leg-rowers in all parts of the world. Normally international travelers would have chances to observe the Inle traditional boat racing on the Phaungdaw Oo pagoda festival once a year usually falls on October.

Culture Show

Guests staying overnight would be entertained with a complimentary Culture Show performance at least once a night during their stay before or after dinner. The frequency of the performances depends on the arrival of different tour groups at the hotel at different times.

Special Shan Dance

A well organized and specially trained artisan troupe, performing Shan traditional dances and martial arts with various selected and attractive items can be organized on request.The duration of the performance will be approximately one hour.

Floating Candle Show

Candle lights in color paper on the surface of the water would give a romantic dim light and a gentle smile to all participants. The candle lights would be set afloat from the boat landing with all guests invited to participate actively. The show would take over one hour. You would really feel as if you were in paradise.

Traditional Canoe Service

Depending on the guests preferences canoes would be available for rent for self-rowing or with a rower. This way guest would be able to experience the lake in the most traditional way possible. The entire lake and its villages would be open for them to explore.


A locally made bamboo fishing rod is available on request from the reception desk. Guest can try their fishing skills from their room’s balcony or the wooden walkways around the hotel.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

From mid-October to the end of March hot air balloon flights over Inle Lake can be arranged via an outside operator.

Bird Watching

At Thale U Hotel guest would have the opportunity to observe more than 20 different bird species in the nearby bird sanctuary. On request an English speaking bird specialist (a special fee applies) can be made available from the Inle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary.